This article will take you over a month to get through if you investigate all the resources and links provided. However, it’s still only a synopsis of the most significant information, in my humble opinion, that I’ve found in over 20 years of investigating the powers and influences on the Western world, and beyond. Now, it has come to a period in our history where people have become extremely divided on many levels, particularly politically. The political division has usually been on two-party lines (e.g., Democrat vs. Republican in America; Labour vs. Tories in England; Labour vs. Liberal in Australia) but more recently, it’s whether you are for or against Trump. Why?

In social psychology, researchers often use a tool called Forced Choice surveys. As the title suggests, this type of survey forces a definitive response rather than “I don’t know.” This is how I feel about politics in Australia and Trump! The end goal of this article is to shed some light on the grey areas of geopolitics. I suspect my perspective will be quite different from the norm. To start with, I don’t like forced choices! I tend to think in terms of continuums and the variables that get you from one parameter to the other, and maybe even beyond. Politically, I like to think I’m apolitical and really no party tends to accommodate my views.

Importantly, if you entertain the notion that there’s a hidden hand running Western politics, then this two-party system might well be the ideal vehicle for accommodating it. First, it allows the illusion of choice, and hence accommodates the chant of democracy. In reality, democracy is a term often used but not evident in reality, and what we do have politically tends to be totally corrupted materially. Second, only two parties need to be controlled. Of course, some will say that Western democracy in the three countries noted above allows minor parties. However, a quick look through history will show how they are quickly suppressed or subverted, if they gain a significant presence (e.g., the Tea Party in America).

The more appropriate way to think about political systems is on a continuum with Collectivism and Individualism as the parameters. All Political systems effectively fall on that continuum, with Collectivism representing more Marxist, Communist, Socialist social systems; while Individualism representing a more free-market approach. In reality, all social systems tend to incorporate elements of both, and it is their weighting that determines where they lie on the continuum. The links below provide a good discussion on the topic with G. Edward Griffin:

Financial Control

Two key factors need to be controlled if the hidden hand theory is to be entertained, (1) finances, and (2) information. Typically, if finances are controlled then the control of information follows. Given the importance of finance, let’s have a quick look at the corporate ownership of banks in Australia. The four main banks in Australia are ANZ, CBA, NAB, and Westpac. It’s evident in the tables below that the big 4 banks control 80.89% of the Occupied Housing Mortgages and 85.30% of the Investment Housing Mortgages in Australia. The combined mortgages they hold over Australians total $1.6 trillion as of December 2017.

The most frightening aspect of this is that the control of these banks is determined by overseas interests (see the next table). Voting control is held mainly by nominee companies with offshore parent companies. Shareholders hide their identities by using nominee companies. This is a lot of power and influence accommodated by very little transparency. Curiously, the percentage of shareholdings for the four largest shareholders is very similar for all four banks, and over time any changes in the percentage of ownership appear to change in unison across the big four banks (e.g., National Nominees decreasing its shareholding as Citigroup Nominees increases it). Further, the top three Shareholders own in excess of 40% of all four of the banks. That could buy a lot of influence over our elected officials! 

Table 1 Shareholdings compiled from the 2019 and 2014 Annual Reports of the Big Four Australian Banks.

I’m not going to expand out too much into the international networks. If you are interested then you should look for Eustace Mullins book, “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” for historical context. The Bank of International Settlements is also important to research. It’s known as the bank for the central banks and is located in Basel Switzerland. Mullin’s book suggests that the Federal Reserve is privately owned. This is quite a revelation for many and takes us to the banking families who generally keep a low profile. An academic paper on the cross-holdings of share ownership gives important insight (Vitali, Glattfelder, & Battiston, 2011). It shows how 147 transnational companies (TNC) control 40% of 43,060 of the top TNCs in the world. A good portion of these 147 super TNCs are London and Wall Street Banks. It’s interesting to note that HSBC’s largest shareholder, BlackRock, was recently overtaken by Ping An Insurance Group Co of China Ltd as the largest shareholder. BlackRock, Inc is the worlds largest assets manager with $7.4 trillion in assets under management as of the end-Q4 2019. Getting behind the corporate veil requires transparency across international borders, and I won’t be holding my breath for this to be forthcoming. The question that should be asked is how can so much power and influence be so opaque?

This link below is G. Edward Griffin’s talk on the Federal Reserve and the Central Banking system:

I’ve been a consumer of alternative news sites and more obscure resources for more than 20 years. One hero of mine is Anthony C Sutton who passed away in 2002. Sutton was an academic historian with incredibly well-researched perspectives of who drove geopolitics in the West during the 20th and 21st centuries.  A couple of his book’s worth finding are “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”, and “America’s Secret Establishment.” All his books are well referenced and essentially lead to the conclusion that wars are designed to divide, conquer, and then push an “elite” agenda. “The elite” are identified as the power behind the old banking families, public institutions, NGOs, and so on. In America’s Secret Establishment, the book clearly demonstrates, how a secret society from Yale, the Skull and Bones, who only has 15 new members each year, is behind some of the most influential groups in America. The society is driven by a Hegelian philosophy, which has been the driving force between both Nazism and Marxism. Some selective quotes from the 2002 editions book’s introduction expands on the Hegelian philosophy:

“Hegelianism glorifies the State, the vehicle for statist and materialist ideas and policies in education, science, politics and economics.”

“Progress in the Hegelian State is through contrived conflict: the clash of opposites makes for progress. If you control the opposites, you dominate the nature of the outcome.”

“We trace the extraordinary Skull and Bone influence in a major Hegelian conflict: Nazism vs. Communism. Skull and Bones members were in the dominant decision-making positions – Bush, Harriman, Stimson, Lovett, and so on – all Bonesmen, and instrumental in guiding the conflict through use of “right” and “left.” They financed and encouraged the growths of both philosophies and controlled the outcome to a significant extent. This was aided by the “reductionist” division in science, the opposite of historical “wholeness.” By dividing science and learning into narrower segments, it became easier to control the whole through the parts.

He then goes on to present a case for this group’s involvement in the dumbing down of society. How is this done? Well here’s a list of some of the entities that members of the order either set up, ran or both:

  • American Historical Association
  • American Economic Association
  • American Chemical Association
  • American Psychology Association
  • Carnegie Institution
  • Ford Foundation
  • Council for Foreign Relations

Below are some links to Anthony C Sutton’s books. I guarantee you will see history and our current world completely differently if you are being exposed to this information for the first time:

Below is a link to an old interview with Norman Dodd by G. Edward Griffin. Dodd was the chief investigator into tax-exempt foundations in 1953. His findings very much collaborate with the picture painted by Anthony C Sutton. About 20 minutes into the youtube link below he gives some very revealing insights about the Carnegie Foundation. Recorded in the 1909 minutes of the Foundation they reported an investigation into how to get America involved in a war. They also noted that they had to control the State Department and all its machinery. During the first world war, they made plans to prolong the war. They also realized they needed to control education and they approached the Rockefeller Foundation for assistance. He noted that the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and others seemed to work in conjunction with each other for specific goals. He also mentions the controlling of the recording of history by selectively granting scholarships. The initial beneficiaries of those scholarships were very much involved in the setting up of the American Historical Society. It was Charlotte Iserbyt who provided Anthony Sutton with the information on the Skull and Bones because her father and grandfather were members. She was concerned mainly with the Yale Order’s influence on education.

Membership of the Yale Skull and Bones:

The three clips below tells how Charlotte Iserbyt shared information with Anthony C Sutton and what she discovered with respect to the Order’s plans for controlling education among other things:

The discussion on Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt’s Wikipedia entry is very illuminating. It reminds me of the quote from George Orwell’s book 1984, “You haven’t a real appreciation of Newspeak, Winton,” he said almost sadly….”In your heart you’d prefer to stick to Oldspeak, with all its vagueness and its useless shades of meaning. You don’t grasp the beauty of the destruction of words… Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it… Every year fewer and fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller.”

Below are some of the quotes from the Charlotte Iserbyt’s Wikipedia talk page:

Supposedly, in 1910 an educator named Flexner was funded by the AMA, and Rockefeller monies funneled through the Carnegie Foundation for the advancement of education to write a report recommending non-drug treatment medical schools be closed, the remaining schools merge with established universities, and that these universities be funded in part by huge grants provided by the tycoons of the day. While the result improved medical training due to increased funding, it wiped out effectively/virtually all study of non-drug therapy methods (in keeping with Rockefeller’s heavy investment in drug & chemical industries & desires for monopoly control of various economic sectors). The US Government & AMA closed/defunded most non-conforming medical schools, battling at one point with the chiropractors to have them also snuffed out of legitimate business.

In 1917 another congressman entered into the US Congressional Record that in 1915 Standard Oil & J.P. Morgan & other interests had manipulated the ownership/control of the largest newspapers to write news that followed the dictates of the elite group. The elite group’s immediate goal in 1915 was to influence the public’s opinion towards the USA joining in fighting in WWI, a foreign war started in the Balkans where Americans had little or no interests. The various industrialists had multiple goals including war profiteering.

She is known for writing the book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” that itemizes changes gradually brought into the American public education system that attempts to both eliminate the influences of a child’s parents (religion, morals, national patriotism), and mold the child into a member of the proletariat supposedly in preparation for a socialist-collectivist world of the future. She documents the changes (as originating from the plans formulated primarily by the Andrew Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Education, Rockefeller General Education Board), and the psychological methods used to implement and effect the changes.

Information Control

The next major issue required to support the Hidden Hand hypothesis is the control of information. A big part of this is obviously education as eluded to by Iserbyt, Dodd, and Sutton. However, today there is also the ever-increasing influence of the corporate world. The Candian philosopher John Ralston Saul warned about the corporatization of the public and academic sectors, whose roles he saw as keeping the corporate sector honest. His book, The Unconscious Civilization suggested that for a healthy society all three of these sectors need to be strong and independent. However, as we see from Iserbyt’s, Dodd’s, and Sutton’s work there is a surreptitious hand at work, that is publicly unaccountable and opaque. If the Hidden Hands workings do come to light, retribution for the Light-bringer can be substantial. Charlotte Iserbyt’s, Norman Dodd’s and Anthony Sutton’s treatment is a testament to this view. A recent interview of Devin Nunes suggests this information’s censorship struggle is still a huge issue and has only become more complicated (see below):

Caitlin Johnstone’s summing up to recently leaked intelligence by an unidentified spook captures the current state of play, “All parties involved in spreading this malignant psyop are absolutely vile, but a special disdain should be reserved for the media class who have been entrusted by the public with the essential task of creating an informed populace and holding power to account. How much of an unprincipled whore do you have to be to call yourself a journalist and uncritically parrot the completely unsubstantiated assertions of spooks while protecting their anonymity? How much work did these empire fluffers put into killing off every last shred of their dignity? It boggles the mind.

It really is funny how the most influential news outlets in the western world will uncritically parrot whatever they’re told to say by the most powerful and depraved intelligence agencies on the planet, and then turn around and tell you without a hint of self-awareness that Russia and China are bad because they have state media.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Bari Weiss’s resignation letter is particularly enlightening on the current culture of America’s paper of record, The New York Times:

Over the last 50 years information in geopolitics and politics, generally for most people, has been accessed through television and print media. In the last 20 years, the role of the internet has been making major inroads into the traditional information resources. What has also occurred during this period has been a major consolidation of the ownership of the media corporations, with just 5 conglomerates controlling 90% of the American market, AT&T, Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, ViacomCBS and Fox Corporation. And more importantly, these media conglomerates have become less newsworthy and more opinion-based, on a partisan basis. Here is an interesting link on media bias. Can you notice a bias in the examples they use?

And below is a chart representing partisan orientation and reliability sourced from Ad Fonte Media in 2017. I suspect in the time of Trump information sources have become less reliable and more partisan, irrespective of the political leaning:

The increased importance of social media platforms has certainly come to the fore in the time of Trump’s period as President. Attempts to apparently address fake news by groups such as fact-checker can be equally as misleading and partisan. Not to mention complete omissions through censorship and shadow banning. Below is an interesting discussion on censorship with respect to those platforms by Tyler Durden:

A very interesting article about the Chinese influence on the msm (main stream media):

Here’s some interesting discussions on how algorithms used in search engines can manipulate or omit information:

Project Vertitas is a group that goes undercover to expose some of the unethical practices of corporations. The link below takes you to their homepage with a range of stories dealing with media, internet and other corporate entities:

Sharyl Attkisson highlights how Facebook’s fact checking board is stacked with 18 out of the 20 members linked to Soros funded groups. Therefore it is no surprise that their decisions on censorship appear to be left leaning. My own experience has indicated this after being shadow banned for supplying scientific evidence for hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in combating COVID-19. In this case, not just politics but greed may play a role. I’ve taken the opportunity to include the links here along with Attkisson’s report:

A summary of studies on hydroxychloroquine:

A good discussion between two doctors on their treatment regimes:

An ebook on COVID-19 protocols by people who should know. If you are short of time just read DR George Fareed’s letter on pages 239-243:

Great article on the suppression of HCQ along with those who benefit from this action:

Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to get to the truth. A great example of this was when a new editor, from out of town, Marty Baron, came to the Boston Globe. He got the Spotlight team, who specialised in long term investigative reporting, to look into allegations of child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic Priests. What was unique about Baron’s direction to the Spotlight group was that he said, “they should concentrate on the system rather than individual priests.” When they got the records of the priests for the Boston Diocese, they found that the priests suspected of child sexual abuse were put on 6 months sick leave, and then moved to another parish. The key point I want to make here is, that to get the big picture you need to step back and appreciate the patterns. I might add I’ve often thought that after seeing this movie, which I thoroughly recommend, is that Jeffrey Epstein may have got away with his blatant pedophilia by entrapping and blackmailing other very powerful people too. He may well have been protected by intelligence agencies in a sordid game of geopolitical blackmail for information and action.

Figure. Here’s an interesting list that Q provided associated with Jeffrey Epstein on the 2nd of July, 2020. I’ve put it here for posterity!

The First Gulf War

Here is a frightening example of the use of propaganda to manipulate Americans into supporting a war. Alternate sources suggest that Iraq was set up by America to invade Kuwait. First by economic pressure and then later by diplomatic ambiguity.

Here’s some background information on the situation in Iraq leading up to the first Gulf War. In particular, the economic manipulation of oil prices by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia:

April Glaspie was the US Ambassador to Iraq in 1990. April Glaspie’s ambiguous quote to the Iraqi’s, “We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait.” This has been interpreted by many as giving Iraq a green light to invading Kuwait. Though an old State Department official rebuts this view below:

What can’t be argued is that propaganda played a major role in tweaking the American people emotionally into supporting the action in Kuwait. The text and link below relate to some of the propaganda used leading up to America’s intervention for the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. Prior to this, the American public showed little interest in Kuwait’s situation. In fact, most Americans probably don’t know where Kuwait is today or even care.

Her last name is al-Ṣabaḥ (Arabic: نيره الصباح‎) and she is the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, a member of the Kuwaiti royal family, and at the time Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. Of course, they didn’t want her identity revealed. This false testimony was used as a pretext for war with Iraq. Tears and all, she should have been given the chair for crimes against humanity. F**king Lying Bitch! Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ (Arabic: نيره الصباح‎), called “Nurse Nayirah” in the media, was a fifteen-year-old Kuwaiti girl, who alleged that she had witnessed the murder of infant children by Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait, in verbal testimony to the U.S. Congress, in the run-up to the 1991 Gulf War. Her testimony, which was regarded as credible at the time, has since come to be regarded as wartime propaganda. The public relations firm Hill & Knowlton, which was in the employ of Citizens for a Free Kuwait, had arranged the testimony. Nayirah’s testimony was widely publicized. Hill & Knowlton, which had filmed the hearing, sent out a video news release to Medialink, a firm that served about 700 television stations in the United States. That night, portions of the testimony aired on ABC’s Nightline and NBC Nightly News reaching an estimated audience between 35 and 53 million Americans. Seven senators cited Nayirah’s testimony in their speeches backing the use of force. President George Bush repeated the story at least ten times in the following weeks. (Wikipedia) Full video at c-span video website. HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN KUWAIT, Oct. 10, 1990, The Congressional Human Rights Caucus conducted a hearing to investigate alleged Iraqi human rights violations in occupied Kuwait. Cases of rape, execution, imprisonment, and the destruction of hospitals in Kuwait were heard by the committee.

Also of interest, the PR firm Hill & Knowlton did work for both the Democratic and Republican parties!

Now we have some background information let’s look for geopolitical patterns

So if you’ve just gone through the information above on Kuwait. Can you see a pattern? Let me help you. George Bush Senior was a member of the Yale Skull and Bones Order, as was his son and father. Don’t forget the Order’s basic mantra based on the Hegelian philosophy of divide and conquer. The State Department was certainly implicated in encouraging the Iraqi’s action, even if it was unintentional. Remember the Carnegie Foundation’s minutes where it was noted the importance of the State Department for controlling populations and instigating wars. You decide if it was intentional or not? Maybe the actions of George Bush junior will help you decide?

Wars Post 911

More recently, just after 911, there were lots of good sites that provided pretty convincing arguments that the justification for going into Iraq was bogus. However, nothing came out in the mainstream media. General Wesley Clark noted that straight after 911, he asked one of Bush’s Generals if they were going into Afghanistan? He said it was worse than that, there was an agenda to go into seven other countries too (i.e., Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, Lebanon, Somalia, and Sudan).

When you look at the list, Bush got the war agenda started with Afghanistan and Iraq. There was a US-backed intervention in Somalia in 2006, a continuing Sudanese civil war to 2005, and a brief outbreak occurred in Lebanon for 34 days in 2006, between Hezbollah and Israel. Ironically, the 2009 Nobel peace winner, Barack Obama’s administration got involved with wars in Libya, Ukraine, and Syria. It reminds me of the Steven Wright quote,I’d kill for a Nobel peace prize. Further, Julian Assange (wikileaks) contended that Hillary Clinton’s State Department was very hawkish for interventions in Libya and funded ISIS!

(I.e., taken from email by Cheryl Mills to Hillary Clinton titled Tick Tock on Libya)

“Secretary Clinton’s leadership on Libya. HRC has been a critical voice on Libya in administration deliberations, at NATO, and in contact group meetings — as well as the public face of the U.S. effort in Libya. She was instrumental in securing the authorization, building the coalition, and tightening the noose around Qadhafi and his regime.”

While we are at it here’s a very interesting article on the players in Syria. I’m sure you’ll recognise some of the names and the usual pattern of the implication of the US State Department and members of the Order.

I want to concentrate on Ukraine next as it’s the most recent region that has encountered regime change. Politically, in America, many roads have led to Ukraine during Obama and Trump’s Presidencies. It was the source for some of the Russian dossier, Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian President was the basis for the impeachment proceedings, and there are corruption allegations shadowing some of Obama’s administration and their associated families. In addition, George Soro’s funded organizations appear to have been in play with the US State Department. Interestingly, similar style organizations have been implicated in the riots in America.

Several groups in the media outside the mainstream have been looking into Ukraine. I will refer to Glenn Beck’s, John Solomon’s, and Rudy Giuliani’s work as it comes with considerable supporting documentation and official testimonies. Contrary, to the more emotionally driven partisan diatribe presented in the mainstream media. Although typically most of what is revealed here is usually omitted or scantly reported. I’m going to let this series of links do the talking. Follow those I will give an overview of what was revealed.

Biden’s Ukraine Scandal Explained (Chalkboard on DNC Collusion, Joe Biden, Soros, Trump…)

The Democrats’ Hydra

Ukraine: The Final Piece

Core principles of media: (1) Truth and Accuracy, (2) Independence, (3) Fairness, (4) Humanity, and (5) Accountability.

Part 1 Media Lies on Ukraine (Proof Alexandra Chalupa worked with DNC and Ukraine).

Part 2: Media Lies on Ukraine (Proof Joe Biden DID fire Shokin for Hunter, Barisma Investigation).

Part 3: Media Lies on Ukraine (Proof Officials there DID interfere with Trump).

Part 4: Glenn Beck Suspicious Missing Money in Ukraine

Soros Linked organisations:

US State Department Civil Society:

Ukraine Omission of Evidence so that Biden and others are protected and supporters of Trump were not:

Translated Ukrainian press conference by MP Andrei Derkach and Konstantin Kulik of bribery and corruption relating to the Bidens, Poroshenko, Kent, Soros and many more related to the Democratic Party:

Great link to Investigations being carried out by CD Media:

here’s a link to Rudy W. Giuliani’s podcasts where you’ll find reports on the corruption in Ukraine involving American officials, businessmen and Politicians:

Here’s an interesting link that alleges how the missing billions in Ukraine were used. Former Ukrainian General Prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko stated in Ukrainian media that former American Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, prevented billions of dollars of Ukrainian public funds stolen by former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, from returning to Ukraine in order to keep the money accessible to the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign by the democrats through the Franklin Templeton Investment Fund:

If you have digested even just a few of those links what can you conclude about America’s involvement with Ukraine? First, Joe Biden was put in charge of Ukraine by Obama. Second, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton in their positions as Secretaries of State were involved in regime destabilization and change in Ukraine, through their oversight of the State Department’s Civil Society groups. Third, this was done in conjunction with George Soro’s funded groups such as Open Society. Fourth, corruption oversight groups were set up in Ukraine and were overseen by the US State Department. Fifth, very generous payments were made to Joe Biden’s son for sitting on a Ukraine Gas company called Burisma Holdings Ltd. He couldn’t speak Ukrainian and had no experience in the industry. He was paid over $80,000 a month! Sixth, over US $7 billion has gone missing from Privatbank in Ukraine. Links between the owners of the bank, the US State Department, DNC, and Obama officials have been alleged. Curiously, Hunter Biden attended Yale, though I don’t know if he was a member of the Yale order. One of his business partners also attended Yale, John Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz. Of course, John Kerry also went to Yale and is a member of the Skull and Bones! The old Yale Order, State Department, War and War profiteering pattern raises its head again!

Information Operations

One of the key practises in Buddhism is to learn how to detach from emotion. That doesn’t mean you become devoid of emotion, you learn to observe and understand it, rather than let it drive you. If you’ve become emotional about American politics then I think you will find this article on Information Operations (IO) very illuminating. “Information Operations has nothing to do with the information itself. IO is about controlling how you feel about information and creating emotions so deep-seated, you’ll break off all long term relationships with friends, family, work, and social relationships and never look back.” The link below looks at information operations in Ukraine and later against Trump:

The Humanitarian Cost in Ukraine

I’ve been in contact with people in the war zone in Eastern Ukraine. Tens of thousands of people have died in the conflict and well over a million people have been displaced from their homes. Pensioners and people with disabilities who live in the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk have to cross the border to get their pensions. The wait can take many hours in sub-zero temperatures. Of course, there is also the risk of being shot at or shelled. Children in this region are mentally and physically scared with over 750 education facilities damaged in the conflict. For people like myself, an environment like that to live in is incomprehensible.

The implication for Europe has been the huge influx of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East. Is this by design to help destabilise Europe and if so whose goal and to what purpose would that be?

Interactive Map of Ukraine:

Reports on the situation in Ukraine over the last couple of years:

Social Psychology

For a normal person, it’s hard to understand how people could do these sorts of things to their fellow human beings. If you’ve looked at any social psychology it’s classic second-year university reading to be exposed to the experiments conducted by Stanley Milgram and Phillip Zimbardo. The links below are interesting reviews of their legacies. In short, if people are put in certain situations they can be very inhuman to each other. In Milgram’s research, it was found that the more removed a person was from the consequences of their actions the less empathy they had.

Random but Relevant Information

The influence of academia on student action with respect to political affiliation in America. The attached link starts about 2.30 minutes in with Professor Emeritus John Ellis. He discusses how the campus has changed from 3 to 2 left to right-leaning professors in the 1950s, now it’s 13 to 1. Current hiring is leading to a 50 to 1 ratio. You can’t have a one-party system that stays sane. Ellis quoted John Stuart Mill, “To have a healthy political state you will always need a party of order and stability on one hand and another of progress and reform on the other.” He then said, “it is precisely the opposition of one against the other that keeps both parties within the bounds of reason and sanity. If you take one away it goes crazy.” Hence, we’ve lost academic freedom.

This link is for those interested in a synopsis of the Philosophy of Mill’s Utilitarianism, Liberalism and, Democracy:

Getting rid of John Bolton certainly indicates that Trump is antiwar:

Trump has certainly shown up to mid-2020 that he is not interested in being involved in any new wars and would like to get out of the ones he has inherited. See from around 15.40 in the clip below as his Press Secretary states that Trump doesn’t believe in foreign adventurism.

Really interesting documentary on the use of private contractors to hide the nefarious practices of the intelligence community. There are also very important insights into the players behind the DNC hacking, Seth Rich, and the Russian and Ukrainian hoaxes:


So where does this leave Trump? This is my speculation. He has never been part of the establishment club although he’s been on the periphery. He certainly has been attacked relentlessly by the mainstream media, the Democrats, and the establishment Republicans. The majority of these attacks have been emotion-based rather than of any substance. People who have been involved with him personally, and don’t have a partisan or establishment bias, seem to give him a very positive endorsement for his intelligence, instinct, and sense of humor. This contrasts with the public profile presented in the media. If he is truly fighting the establishment, as I suspect he is, then the image we are presented in the media makes sense. Also, finding who he can trust is taking all of his first term. I have a suspicion that he is being backed by some very serious military people. That’s one of the reasons Michael Flynn was so aggressively targeted, because he knew where the skeletons were in the Obama closet. Most importantly to me, he has shown a clear antiwar stance to date. I suspect this will be one of his key reelection platforms. However, dealing with the two-faced Republican establishment will be his greatest test. At least it is more blatant now with examples such as a Super PAC being set up by old Bush-era officials. For those that truly hope he is attempting to drain the swam, actions like this tend to reinforce that belief.

On the other hand, Joe Biden seems to have the mainstream media on his side. He has barely been taken to task for previous conflicts of interest evident in Iraq, Ukraine, and China. Further, there are serious doubts about his cognitive health and who might really be running his show. All of this adds up to him being a perfect establishment candidate. What’s probably most concerning is the strengthening extreme left element within the democratic party. The desperation to get rid of Trump has led to quite reckless actions and it will be interesting to see what transpires after John Durham’s report. The current rioting behaviour on the streets in America certainly contains patterns that have been used for regime change overseas. Again I suggest you look out for similar operations to those conducted by the Civil Society and Open Society groups. Don’t forget the Hegelian philosophy of those that hold the purse strings.

The links and views contained above do indeed argue that a hidden hand has deeply influenced the last 100 years of geopolitics. Some of those players have been revealed by Sutton and others. What’s important to note is that the politicians are just pawns in this game of chess. If we truly want peace then the people who back the corrupt politicians need to be taken to task. They have blood on their hands. Trump’s action indicates he is the first President, probably since Kennedy, to take the establishment on. I have no doubt that he has some very serious backing behind the scenes. He wouldn’t be alive otherwise!!

On the other hand, if you have been a “get rid of Trump at all costs” person, I hope I’ve given you some food for thought on seeing a different picture. There’s a lot more at stake than just Trump and it might be quite sometime before someone else comes along who tries to drain the swamp. I was asked when Trump first came to office, to give just one word of what I thought of him. My answer was “potential.” She looked at me as if I was a complete freak. I didn’t try to explain my position because I didn’t have the time and it wasn’t the place. I’ve written this now because I think it is the time and I now have the place:-)

Document Resources

Judicial Watch:

Here’s an example of their work and a reason why Obama and his appointees targeted General Michael Flynn:


Here’s an example of an intelligence report with respect to Joe Biden in Ukraine, among other things:

Q It’s an interesting resource that I’ve followed for over a year. It’s speculated to be white knight military intelligence. I don’t know but I’ve found it insightful. The mainstream media has described Qanon as a cult. I haven’t heard of a cult that encourages you to think for yourself! :

Trafalgar Group for Polls. It had the most accurate polls for the 2016 Presidential Election:

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. must have foreseen cancel culture with his short story, Harrison Bergeron, first published in 1961: