Hi my name is Michael Spratt. I live on the Central Coast, just North of Sydney, Australia. I’ve been making my own colloidal silver for around 10 years. Obviously, if I’ve continued doing it for so long I must have found some benefits. Indeed I have! However, due to the nature of the pharmaceutical industry and the governmental watchdogs I have to tread very carefully as to what I can claim. But I will quote one of my lecturer’s from the Australian National University (ANU), who, when discussing big Pharma said, “You don’t need a conspiracy theory, you just need greed.” While the lecturer was talking about certain antidepressants and their questionable value relative to placebo, a similar case for colloidal silver can be made for the opposite reason. That is, it has many potential applications and is easy to make. The debate about the efficacy of colloidal silver will be the subject of the first blog post.

A bit more on my background. I’m currently writing up my doctorate thesis at the ANU in the area of selective visual attention. I’m interested, more generally, in consciousness and the energetic aspects of the bind-body connection. In future blog posts I’ll certainly touch on that area too. Why? Well, with respect to the future in neuroscience and potential applications it’s my view that this will be a very productive frontier.