Colloidal Silver Kits

The Silver Solutions 9999 site has a modest objective of aiming to educating those who end up here. And not just about the pros and cons of colloidal silver. A major part of that education will be focused on encouraging independent thinking, critical analysis, and encouraging people on how to do their own research. The initial focus will be on the debate concerning the efficacy of colloidal silver, how it is made, how you can make it, and most importantly, use it safely.

If you just want to get a kit and start making your own colloidal silver, great, the resources are available here. However, it is strongly recommended that you first make yourself aware of the tips made available on this site, before embarking on your own research. Issues such as water quality, solution strength, storage, academic research, and applications to name just a few, are addressed.

And just to be clear and upfront. The prices for the colloidal silver kits are pre-shipping and GST (goods and services tax). Typically there will be an additional cost of between $20 to $30. The other items listed in the shop are linked to Amazon, which are useful supplements to the colloidal silver kits. Shipping and GST costs are dependent on each item at Amazon. The goal with the kits is to allow others to be able to produce colloidal silver solutions at a very modest price.